Stressed? a little advice…

Now, I believe there is a reason for everything, to guide you. Feelings are your emotional compass, so whatever emotion you may be feeling, why don’t we try to embrace it more, whether it’s good or bad?

If you have a situation on your hands or if you’re stressed out, stop for a minute – remember how everything is only temporary. The stress is temporary. You have to get through the bad and learn from it to get to the good.

Often people will understandably push the bad feelings away as much as they can, avoid it. I would say you can’t rush it so just try to accept the bad feelings you may have and know that they’re okay to feel, let it be for as long as it needs because it will pass. Cut yourself some slack you can’t always feel good 100% of the time!

To help you:

Contemplatition and self reflection! It may seem obvious but writing things down is a real winner, that’s why it’s a common recommendaton. Whether it be in a diary or just a few sheets of A4. Write about your situation, getting it down onto paper can not only help you process it but help you work out solutions as you’re writing. It helps you to find new perspectives. Recognise opportunities for solutions. Consider why you feel this way? What you want out of it? What are the pros and cons?

Connection, communication and plans! If you’re having a rough time and you feel like your thoughts are being consumed, make plans! Don’t limit yourself. Go out for a lunch date, for a drink (avoid alcohol), hang out with someone make new memories to think about and keep you happy. Talk to your friends or family about your stresses, they might be able to help you!

 Quick tips!

>Do a hobby of yours, make a new hobby! Or start a new DIY project with inspiration from pinterest for example.

>Excersise, work out, or go for a long stroll.

>Get more sleep, try relaxation techniques like meditation (there are lots of guided meditations on youtube for example) or read about hygge! You will end up appreciating the smaller moments in life that will lift your spirits!

>Watch a funny film/youtuber you like, find new films/youtube creators you might like!

!! This is just my friendly advice for those little stressful moments in life, please note that I’m not qualified to give advice, I’m not a mental health professional. If you are struggling with a mental health issue, please seek professional help. Thank you.

LJxn ~